Crown Land/Shoreline Development

Boat Dock/Lift/Boathouse

Applications for a Crown Land Disposition Permit (boat docks, boat lifts, boathouses, etc) are now being accepted by the Ministry of Environment.  A GPS location must be obtained from our maintenance man before an application will be accepted (cell phone GPS coordinates will not be accepted).  Click here for a Crown Land Disposition Application, and bring it into the office once a GPS has been obtained.  If you do not have a valid permit from the Ministry of Environment, your spot may be forfeited and possibly given to someone else.

There is a $50.00 Crown Land Disposition application fee that can be paid to the office when the application is submitted.  Applications sent directly to the Ministry of Environment will not be accepted.

Please call the office for more information and Tim’s contact number.

Shoreline Development

Any shoreline alteration requests must be submitted directly to Water Security Agency.  It is imperative that you contact them before starting any project to avoid possible fines. Click here for an Aquatic Habitat Protection Permit Application.

Transfer of Existing Permit

For those people who have an existing lease permit with the Ministry of Environment and want to transfer it to a new property owner, both parties will have to sign the form and mail it directly to Ministry of Environment.  This is the only scenario where an application can be sent directly to them.  Click here for a Request for Assignment.

Only One Boat House/Launch Location Per Household