Building Permit Application

The Resort Village of South Lake has contracted the services of Chris Gates of Construction Code Authority of Saskatchewan and is the appointed Building Inspector for the Village.  Once all the necessary paperwork has been completed, submit it to the office for approval.  Please note that regular council meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of the month and the permit will not be approved until it has been approved by Council and the building inspector, so please plan ahead so your project isn’t delayed.

When a Permit is Required:

  • Building any new structure
  • Addition of new deck
  • Alteration or addition to an existing building
  • Replacement of existing deck
  • Renovation
  • Basement Development
  • Moving or demolishing a building

If you are not sure if you need a building permit – contact the Village office at 306-692-7399.

The cost of a building permit varies depending on what you are building. An accurate cost will be provided to you once your building permit is submitted and the building inspector sends back a plan review. Permit fees must be paid BEFORE a permit will be issued.

Download Building Permit Application by clicking here

A permit is required to demolish a building. The permit fee is $40.00 and a $500.00 damage deposit is required. Once the site is restored to satisfactory condition and no damage has been done to any Village property, the damage deposit will be refunded.

Moving a building

A permit is required when moving a building. Also, a pre-move inspection is required to determine the structural integrity of the building. Please contact the building inspector directly to request this. It is recommended that this inspection be done PRIOR to the purchase of the building to ensure that you are purchasing a structurally sound building.

Download Moving or Demolishing Bylaw Form by Clicking Here.